New prints in Rebelform webshop.
"Natthamn"/Night Harbour print based on watercolor painting.
Sicily print. Based on a watercolor painting from an inspiring trip to beautiful Sicily.
Red Island print. A traditional Swedish motif in a non-traditional colorway.
Penpals print.
Klippt print.
Elephant pyramind print.
King of the forest print.
Tinnar och Torn print. A retro-geometrical print in luscious greens.
Tinnar och Torn print in red. 
Ants print.
Skål print. Retro-geometrical print that shows the contents of a kitchen cabinet.
Candyland print.
Lava print. Inspired by the beautiful ever-changing blobs in a lava lamp.
Sealions print. 
Pearl girl print.
Little Red Riding Hood print.
Pea pods print.
Wiener dogs.

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